Upcomings Events at PBC!

Petone Beach Cleanup

How much difference could we make if PBC hit Petone Beach en masse after church this Sunday and did a big post-storm clean up?  I phoned the council and they were really rapt with the offer and can provide us with rubbish bags and gloves.  I asked a few PBCers and they were all keen – so what do you think – can you make it?  This felt like a great opportunity for us to get out and do something worthwhile for our community together.

To make it work well we thought we’d shorten the service a bit then spend around an hour or so clearing the beach together, then come back for a shared lunch.  (Hard core folks can carry on after lunch if they’re keen, but I want to make this workable for as many people as possible.)

 So here’s what we’re asking:

  • Can we all wear shoes that work for the beach and a warm jacket?

  • Can we bring a plate of something simple (finger or fork food) for a light shared lunch back at PBC when we’re done?

I realise that not everyone will be able to be part of the beach clean up, so the service will be close to normal, just a little shorter, to cater for all.

Final Note: If it’s raining or too windy obviously we won’t do this but the weather forecast is looking reasonable at the moment.

Home Groups Connection Night is Tonight!

The inter home group 10 Pin Bowling event is tonight, 7.30pm at ‘Strike’ which is at 399 Hutt Rd.  Our home group has been practising regularly (yeah right)!  Hope your group is good to go.  And we hope some folks not currently in groups can come also.   We’ll make it work well for all who can come.

Alpha is coming!

We are looking to run a 7 week version of the Alpha course early in term 3 on Sunday nights 7 – 9pm.  For some time Alpha has been the best tool available to churches, to help people discover Christianity.  If you have friends or colleagues that may be interested then grab the opportunity and ask them if they want to join us.  If you’re interested in being part of the organising or catering for Alpha just email me back.  Thanks!