Sermons 2012

Date Sermon / Subject Bible reference Speaker Download
2012/12/30 30th December audio
2012/12/23 23rd December audio
2012/12/02 Expectations 1 Paul Martell audio
2012/11/25 Waiting on God Liz Fitzmaurice audio
2012/11/18 Monday to Friday – what difference does faith make? Carl Bakker audio
2012/11/11 I am really starving and really parched. Yeah right Liz Fitzmaurice audio
2012/11/04 Are people who don\’t confess Christ going to hell? Steve Worsley audio
2012/10/28 Spiritual Warfare Steve Worsley audio
2012/10/21 Homosexuality and Gay Marriage Steve Worsley audio slides
2012/10/14 Funeral for Saul 1 Samuel 31 Steve Worsley audio
2012/10/07 When friends turn against you 1 Samuel 29-30 Steve Worsley audio
2012/09/23 The road to Endor 1 Samuel 28 Steve Worsley audio
2012/09/16 When there\’s no right thing to do 1 Samuel 27 Steve Worsley audio
2012/09/09 Groundhog Day? 1 Samuel 26 Steve Worsley audio
2012/09/02 Abigail\’s Story 1 Samuel 25 Paul Martell audio
2012/08/26 Is home the way you want it? Steve Worsley audio
2012/08/19 Is home the way you want it? Location, location, location Anne Godfrey audio
2012/08/12 Is home the way you want it? God next door Carl Bakker audio
2012/08/05 Is home the way you want it? God in your home Steve Worsley audio
2012/07/29 Is home the way you want it? My Home, my castle Liz Fitzmaurice audio
2012/07/22 Mission Koru – evangelising New Zealand Bruce Patrick audio
2012/06/24 Money Matters Part 2 Wayne Kirkland audio
2012/06/17 Money Matters Part 1 Wayne Kirkland audio
2012/06/10 Seeds of hope Andy Bank audio
2012/06/03 Does God Protect us? 1 Samuel 23 Liz Fitzmaurice audio
2012/05/27 Does everything in life have a purpose or sometimes does stuff just happen? 1 Samuel 21-22 Steve Worsley audio
2012/05/06 Self denial – Part 1 Acts 16 Steve Worsley audio
2012/04/29 When friendship matters 1 Samuel 20 Steve Worsley audio
2012/04/22 Murder, lies and birthday suits 1 Samuel 19 Steve Worsley audio
2012/04/15 Who needs a father in law? 1 Samuel 18 Anne Godfrey audio
2012/04/08 Easter message Steve Worsley audio
2012/03/25 Grace – God\’s grace and you Steve Worsley audio
2012/03/18 Grace – forgiveness in impossible situations Steve Worsley audio
2012/03/11 Grace – halfness and wholeness Steve Worsley audio
2012/03/04 Grace – natural to God, unnatural to us Steve Worsley audio
2012/02/26 Mission interviews Various audio
2012/02/19 The applause was not for you 1 Samuel 18:1-16 Steve Worsley audio
2012/02/12 Dealing with spiritual paralysis 1 Samuel 17 Steve Worsley audio
2012/02/05 Can music help your mood? 1 Samuel 16:14-23 Ben Martell audio
2012/01/29 The story of Tabitha Anne Godfrey audio
2012/01/08 Hope, Peace, Joy, Love Liz Fitzmaurice audio
2012/01/01 Baptism Steve Worsley audio