Petone Baptist Church

Our church loves seeing new people so feel free to join us on Sunday mornings at 10am, or pop in to the office.

Petone Baptist Church

We are passionate about serving and relating with our local community and we support some significant overseas work amongst the poor and needy. We also believe in being community together – so we have some great home groups you can check out and other similar opportunities. Preaching is something we value and work hard at too.

Pastoral Care Form

Looking out for each other is something that we all do in different ways when we are part of community, most pastoral care happens naturally among friends. Sometimes though things can get missed, and this form is for letting the pastoral care team know about a need that you have or someone else has. It could be anything from wanting a phone call or a visit, to having support for a bereavement or loss. If we think that more specialist help is required we will also try to link you up with someone that could help.

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